Senior React Native Developer

Full-time, London

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About the role

As a senior react native developer you will be responsible for the face of our products. Your primary focus will be to build and maintain our mobile app and implement our mobile development strategy.

We firmly believe that coding is an art form so you will need strong attention to detail, a taste for simplification and a determination to eradicate ugly code.

We cut clean, concise code in a timely manner.

Core duties and responsibilities

What we are looking for

We are looking for passionate, creative and ambitious Guru’s to join us on our journey.

At this early stage, you will have a strong input in our business’s development from both technological and cultural perspectives. Therefore, excellent communication skills and an outgoing demeanour will be hugely valuable.

You will have an inherent interest in technology and best practices as well as a passion for sports and gaming.

Startup life can be dynamic and unpredictable so you will need to be conscientious, efficient and pragmatic all at the same time.

A strong will to get things done and an eagerness to learn new things will also stand you in good stead.

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